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dynamic digital

is a fresh, innovative advertising concept offering local businesses the opportunity to promote themselves in a trendy, new-age, and highly captivating digital medium.

We design professionally produced TV advertisements—ads that rotate in a slide show format on our High Definition LED screens in prime locations throughout the community. Each location is limited to 10 to 15 ads, to maximize your business’ screen time. Ads repeat frequently for multiple impressions per viewer.

Dynamic Indoor Advertising is ideal for branding campaigns, special events and limited time offers that need high awareness and market penetration.

Learn more by calling us for a no obligation presentation of our unique advertising solutions. Find out how your business can have its own 32′ HD TV at not cost to you. Turnkey installation and no cost maintenance is included.

Consider these advantages of Dynamic Digital Advertising…

Innovative State-of-the-Art Ad Medium

Compelling and Attractive Professional Ads

Exclusivity In Your Business Category

Environmentally Friendly Medium

Affordable Pricing

High Return On Investment (ROI)

Prime Locations In Your Trade Area

Worry Free Maintenance

Free Monthly Ad Updates

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